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2024 Student Mission - San Antonio - Day Five

After getting back from the worksite last night, we all went to the chapel for the last time to say how we saw God working on the trip.

All of the answers were unique in their own ways and very heartwarming. Some of the answers included seeing him through the perseverance of their team, the kindness of the homeowners, and the rewards received while on the trip. I personally saw God through our homeowner’s selflessness and how much she cared for others. Although she herself is a handywoman, she puts others first before working on her home. Additionally, though her situation must’ve been tough, she still bought us popsicles after a hard day of work.

This morning, we started packing up the van to leave Blueprint. Once our chores were finished, we went to get some delicious breakfast tacos! After our stomachs were full, we got on the road to go to Schlitterbahn West. While there, my group and I rode a bunch of super fun waterslides like “The Cliffhanger,” “The Challenger,” and the “Raging River”! After, we took the tram to Schlitterbahn East. We went to the wave pool, which was a fantastic end to the day!

Dami Kayode, Student Missioner


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