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Missions + Outreach

At COTHA we believe that MISSION and OUTREACH are the active sharing of the message of hope in Jesus Christ to a broken and dying world. This is an extremely important Gospel imperative, and it is best evidenced through our love in action, reaching out to help our neighbors, and sharing our resources with the entire community from the local Katy area to the far reaches of the world. 

Contact to learn more or our event page for upcoming trips and other serving opportunities.


Local Ministries and Outreach

Lord of the Streets (LOTS)

Lord of the Streets (LOTS) is an outreach organization in downtown Houston providing for the homeless. On a regular basis we travel to Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Houston to prepare and serve breakfast to the homeless. The L.O.T.S. ministry gives individuals, but also small groups, families, and friends, an opportunity to experience serving together in the local Houston area.​

More about LOTS

  • Serving Houston’s homeless and formerly homeless since 1990 at 3401 Fannin in Mid-Town.

  • Supported by 20 ‘Supporting Congregations’, Foundations and Other Groups including COTHA.

  • Providing lunches to over 400 people per workday (Sunday breakfasts will return soon).  This is up from 150 per day in March of 2020

  • Distributing over 2,000 bottles of water every week

  • Providing food, clothing, and other much-needed items to Houston’s homeless

  • Providing showers, toilets, health and hygiene care, mail service, and counseling to Houston’s homeless

  • Services include Medical, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Vision Clinics.

  • Volunteer opportunities/Financial contribution needs are available across their service spectrum. 

Katy Christian Ministries (KCM)

Katy Christian Ministries (KCM) mission is “Transforming lives through God’s grace and the generosity of the community.”

Located directly in the Katy area, they have been helping local families and individuals fight poverty, food insecurity, domestic violence and sexual assault since 1984.

Read more about their mission here.

West Houston Assistance Ministries (WHAM)

West Houston Assistance Ministries (WHAM) mission is, "In the name of Christ, we will serve those who come to us for help regardless of background, belief or circumstance."


West Houston Assistance Ministries is a 501 c3 non-profit agency providing social services to all eligible individuals regardless of their faith or background. We do not offer assistance to those in need based on the expressed or implied condition that they must adhere to or convert to a particular faith, or that they have to listen to, or respond to messaging of any particular faith. We are generous to our neighbors as God is generous to us, and as such, help those who are struggling in as much as we are able to, so that they can regain self-sufficiency.

Read more about their mission here.

Attack Poverty

Attack Poverty is a local organization that is committed to strengthening under-resourced communities through sprirital growth, education, revitalization, and basic needs. COTHA is committed to sending small teams to help people in their homes throughout the year.

Read more about their mission here.

Students and Family Outreach

Every summer, our students have multiple opportunities to serve and learn the importance of missions. This summer, students partnered with Blueprint Ministries in San Antonio to work on inner-city homes. They will also be doing mission work right here in Houston! They will serve with our various local mission partners including: West Houston Assistance Ministries, Kids Meals, and Houston Food Bank.

But mission and outreach aren't only for our students! Check out our event page for opportunities for all ages to serve!


International Trips and Support


Since 2010, COTHA has ministered in Africa by hosting conferences, distributing mosquito nets, and providing villages with much-needed medicine and medical attention. Due to the COVID pandemic, we were not able to travel in 2020 or 2021 but still supported both the medical and mosquito net distribution efforts.  We return in 2023.


Since 2010, COTHA has been sending teams to Guatemala, in partnership with Living Water, to participate in drilling a water well and sharing the Good News with the villagers. Due to the COVID pandemic, we have not been able to travel since 2020, but still supported the drilling of two water wells. We hope to return in Spring 2023.

The Fox Family

The Fox Family serves with Engaging the Adventure and is currently stationed in Thailand.   Their mission is to help train other missioners in Asia where Christianity is often dangerous and illegal. 

Read more about their mission here.

Fox Family
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