Being a disciple is simply being a follower.  

For a Christian, this means we are a disciple when we follow Jesus Christ.  He has a heart for the lost, last, least and lonely.  When we follow Jesus, our heart begins to change to have the same concern.  The world may be against us but we are called to love and serve those who would reject us.  

The process of growing into this lifestyle is called discipleship.  A follower of Jesus begins this process by simply asking the question “am I following Jesus?”  It is not a matter of what you know or what you have or have not done.  It is simply a matter of being willing to continue following him through worship, prayer, the reading of God’s Word, fellowship, and other spiritual practices.  

​Discipleship is a lifelong journey that transforms a heart and creates a desire to love the way Jesus loves.

We host Adult Formation classes on Sunday mornings at 9:15 a.m.

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