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The mission of the Vestry is to work with the Rector in advancing our mission.

Its primary responsibilities are to collaborate with the Rector to discern God’s will, to provide the required resources for the advancement of that mission and vision by acting as wise stewards of the church’s finances, and to protect the integrity of the physical plant.

The vestry’s leadership gifts and energy are directed toward high-level and long-term goals to achieve the full breadth of what God has planned for us at COTHA. The Vestry does not “run” the church, but works collaboratively with the Rector as he and the staff prayerfully lead us to a deeper level of discipleship. The Vestry meets monthly to pray, discuss, support and help reflect on the current and future direction God is calling us as a congregation.​

Vestry - Derek Agomate.png

Derek Agomate


Vestry - Jeannie Encarnacion.png

Jeannie Encarnacion


Vestry - Ernesto Trevino.png

Ernesto Trevino


Ana Davila_edited.png

Ana Davila



Von Long


Chuba Oyeka.jpg

Chuba Oyeka



Melissa Fuentes

Senior Warden (2022-2024)


Ben Kayode



Lisa Nelson

Junior Warden (2022-2024)

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