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Generosity Committee

The Generosity Committee's responsibility is to educate, promote, and encourage commitment to the Biblical stewardship model of the time, talent, and treasure God has entrusted to COTHA and to each of its members.

Specific Duties include:

  • Engage in outreach and relationship building with church members.

  • Facilitate volunteer teams for financial discipleship and financial coaching programs.

  • In cooperation with the Finance Committee, monitor financial contributions and analyze trends in giving to the church budget and capital campaigns.

  • Promote and encourage the church body to contribute on a recurring basis to the annual church budget.

  • Recommend policies and procedures related to generosity promotion and to fundraising activities in the church.

Generosity Committee members serve a three (3) year term and may be reappointed to successive terms. 

Current Members:
Alex Large, Rector

Donna Matthews, Administrator

Melissa Fuentes, Vestry (2022-2024)
Lisa Nelson, Vestry

Finance Committee
The Vestry is responsible for all financial matters of COTHA. In partnership with the Finance Committee and the financial staff of COTHA, they:

  • Approve the annual budget

  • Manage cashflow needs

  • Ensure that safeguards are in place and enforced to prevent mismanagement of funds

  • Assure proper insurance and record management protocols are in place

  • Confirm that an annual audit/review is conducted and reported

  • Approve and file the Annual Parochial Report

  • Encourage adequate stewardship education is undertaken in the congregation

  • Appoint Finance Committee Members and guide their activities

The Finance Committee is to serve as stewards of the financial resources of COTHA. While the Vestry has ultimate responsibility as steward of all the resources of COTHA, the Finance Committee can share the responsibility and that of the Treasurer by bringing its knowledge and experience to bear on financial matters.

Finance Committee members serve a three (3) year term and may be reappointed to successive terms.

Current Members:
Alex Large, Rector

Donna Matthews, Administrator

Ron Smith, Treasurer (2020-2022, 2023-2025)

James Tomberlin, Lay Leader (2020-2022, 2023-2025)

Doug Eisele, Lay Leader (2020-2022, 2023-2025)

​Von Long, Vestry (2023-2025)

Quarterly and Annual Reports:

Due to the size of our church and budget, the Vestry has elected to conduct an independent audit every five years and a review in the four years between audits.

Quarterly financial updates

2023 Independent Auditor Review

2022 Independent Auditor Review

2021 Independent Auditor Review
2020 Independent Auditor Review
2019 Independent Auditor Audit

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