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2022 Holy Land Pilgrimage Day 2

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Photos by Lisa Nelson and Trish Thompson


Day 2

Today was amazing.

We started our day in Cana and went into a modern church built over a fourth century church which was built over a first century church. This is likely the place where Jesus did his first miracle of turning water into wine. We saw a first century stone water jar and you should be able to see a picture of it above.

After Cana we went to Nazareth and went into a modern Roman Catholic church built over the house of the Annunciation, where Mary was told by an Angel she would give birth to Jesus.

Our next stop to me was one of the more powerful locations we have gone. Megdido where they have excavated 30 cities built over one another over 3000 years. Josiah died in battle there. Jeroboam lived there and in theory it is where in Revelation the last battle will take place (Rev 16:16).

Our final amazing stop was in Cessarea where Paul was imprisoned. Herod’s palace was there and they found a stone with the inscription that Pilate was there, the one who put Jesus on trial. It was also the place of the conversion of the Centurion in Acts 10. The whole city and the ruins told a story of opulence, power and defeat that was just exceptional.

Another full day! Looking forward to tomorrow's adventure!



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