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2022 Budget

Updated: Jun 11, 2022


Over the last two years, this congregation has shown tremendous generosity and we continue to be able to keep our ministries whole so that we can accomplish the mission God has given us: a Biblically faithful community that connects people to Christ through love in action. The Vestry has faith that God provides through you so that we can continue His mission.

We have closed the books for 2021 and the results are below. You may also click here or see below for instructions on how to download your 2021 giving statement and can contact Donna Matthews at if you need an additional copy or have questions.

We want to keep our momentum going in this coming year and stay true to our mission, vision, values and growing as followers of Christ. The Vestry has approved the 2022 budget which keeps our Children and Student Ministries going full force. Adult Ministries and Outreach Programs are also supported.

BUT we continue to have a shortfall between our giving and our ministry expenses. We continue to have faith that these funds will come from you and me as God works through us. God has proven time and again that He will open our hearts and bless us when we give sacrificially.

As you read over the budget please pray that God will provide for all our ministries.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus be with you all.

Dr. Ucheoma Longe, Senior Warden


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