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2022 Holy Land Pilgrimage Arrival

Updated: Jun 11, 2022


Our Pilgrims Have Arrived Safely!

The team gathered at IAH in the middle of a rain storm Monday evening and began the long trek. Bus Captain Alex counted noses and we boarded our flight. Turkish Air was quite nice, particularly for this lucky few who were able to purchase Business Class upgrades!

After over 11 hours in the air we landed in hazy Istanbul. Beautiful airport. A decent walk to our boarding lounge, long lines and no upgrades awaited us. We took off over an hour late and endured the two hour flight to Tel Aviv.

We were met here by a host from EO Travel and she literally walked us though this big airport, stopping for restrooms, passport verification, baggage claim (what a scene), COVID testing (Captain Alex gathering his flock after each stop) and finally a hand off to our bus and driver, Pierre. He comes from a village in the north where Christians are the majority and his ‘real’ job is as a Bible teacher at a university in Haifa. Should be a great guide!

We’re on our way to Tiberias, a 105 minutes in nighttime Israel. We’re tired, hungry, in need of showers, and have been told breakfast tomorrow is at 7 and departure is at 8.

Likely to be some naps on the bus!!

More tomorrow, our first full day in Israel.



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