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2024 Student Mission - San Antonio - Day Three

Updated: Jun 27

Today almost everybody was on time for breakfast and we ate kolaches and oatmeal.

Half of us cleaned the dining hall for morning chores and the rest of us chilled. We are almost done with the home the roof and sides will hopefully be finished by tomorrow.

We had two popsicles by two different people on the same day! Sadly we ran out of Gatorade and we were starving but we pushed on till two.

We finished adding the plywood and added the paper. It was really messy doing the sides on the AC because of the mud but the hard part of that is done. Tonight we are having the home owner dinner but Ms Gabby can’t make it so we will deliver it to her.

After another hard day of work we were rewarded with candy and we got more Gatorade.

Oruese Ovbagbedia, Student Missioner


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