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2023 Uganda Mission Last Day

On our last day, Saturday, we arrive at the village and we estimated somewhere between 3000 and possibly 5000 people. It was a beautiful site with so many women wearing beautifully colored dresses and head scarves. We all looked at each other with concern as we only had a little over 1000 nets to send out, we divide the strategy where only one that would go to a family and try to stick with that unless the family was very large.

It was a fantastic experience.

The nets lasted until the rains came at approximately 4 o’clock. The doctors met with and prescribed medication for almost 1500 people. There were two preachers that spoke to the crowd in what I can only describe as that Ugandan way. One would speak English, and a translator would speak. They would walk up and down the crowd with enthusiasm for our Lord the crowd would call out, amen and praise the Lord.

All in all, this was such a great experience. I recommend it to any of my friends at COTHA.

I am also attaching some pictures from various sites throughout the week. Things like orange and black lizard, outdoor pool hall, motorcycle ridden by so many, landscape pictures, Mount Elgon, goats and cows tied to a stake so they don’t get away and possibly some other pictures.

Enjoy and God bless.

Mark Gehringer


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