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2023 Uganda Mission Final Thoughts

Our 2023 Uganda Mission has come to a close!

Here are some fun facts from the mission field:

  • Visited 3 village churches: Oburangan, Bunanimi, and Highland. These villages were all within 10 miles of the center of Mbale.

  • We distributed 6,000 mosquito nets; 2,000 per village

  • We treated 4,780 people; adults and children

  • We sent 3 people to the hospital for additional treatment or surgery.

  • We are spending $5,000 on surgeries and additional treatments. In addition to the 3 people sent during the clinic, the doctors have a list of people with less urgent surgical needs they will manage with the remaining funds as best they can.

  • We spent $7,700 on medicine alone. All leftover medicine was donated to a local free clinic associated with the church.

  • We hired about 50 Ugandans to make these medical outreach days happen. Including 7 doctors, 1 dentist, 3 clinicians, 7 nurses, 2 lab technicians

  • All the paid personnel, medicines, equipment, rentals, and supplies were purchased in Uganda adding about $65,000 to the economy for our week in Mbale.

And finally, we were blessed to work alongside Dr. Winne Ogenga, Morris’ and Aida’s daughter who recently completed her residency and is now practicing in Northern Uganda.

Grace and Peace,

Doug Eisele


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