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2023 Uganda Mission Days 1 and 2

Our team is on the ground distributing medicine, medical aid, and mosquito nets!

On Sunday, we went to the church for Sunday school and worship service. The sermon was on fear which was appropriate for me considering this was my first trip to Uganda, and I had a lot of apprehension regarding the unknown. God is great.

After service, Doug and I joined a few guys to travel to the pharmacy to pick up many of the drugs that we would distribute this week. I was amazed by the complete inventory within this small pharmacy. As we went through our itemized list, there was a steady stream of people coming in for various medications.

On Monday, we went to our first site. We had 10 doctors and a dentist and they saw over 700 individuals. Praise God. We handed out 647 mosquito nets with pink being a popular request from the ladies.

I mainly handled the mosquito net distribution until a point after lunch when Michael and I went to pray with some individuals. We prayed with four men and women but quickly realized that we had become a point of interest for all the children. At that point we decided to teach them a song with dance and hand signs. The kids really enjoyed laughing at Michael and myself. It was great to see so many smiling children while their parents were perhaps getting diagnosed and treatments.

It was a long day, but we will return to the same location Tuesday and the crowd is expected to be larger.

Mark Gehringer


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