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2023 Uganda Mission Days 3 and 4

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

New location today...same type of community, need, and smiling children.

Tuesday finished up our work at Oburangan. We were met with big crowds. Most of the treatments are for aches and pains, flu, coughs, and all the normal childhood disease/illness. There doesn't seem to be too much malaria because we are coming out of the dry season. The nets are the preventative treatment, so folks are ready as the wet season brings forth the mosquitoes. In Oburangan, we gave out 2,000 nets, and provided 1485 people with medical treatment.

On Wednesday, we ventured to our second church in Bunanimi. The crowds are smaller on the first day since the word hasn't spread too far. Bunanimi is about 7 miles from our hotel and is a large substance-farming community. We had a lot of kids hanging around, so we had some fun. We gave out 670 nets and 611 prescriptions. We had a nice rain shower during the day, which the farmers needed but we definitely see more mosquitoes flying around in the evening, We expect huge crowds today so please pray for the doctors and nurses and the rest of the staff.

A mission like this really takes a village. We had a snafu with our funding wire. A few texts across the Atlantic and Donna had the bank all sorted out. Without support and resources from everyone, nothing would be done. Thanks to everyone back home, and God bless you.

Doug Eisele

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