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2023 Sri Lanka

Church of the Holy Apostles is a Biblically faithful community that connects people to Christ through ​love in action. And we express that Love in Action with mission trips far and wide. I have recently returned from Sri Lanka where we ministered and preached in many impoverished areas.


The Beginning

Around 2008, different people in Sri Lanka asked me the same question, at different times,” Why don’t you come and share what you’ve learned and your experience with us clergy and the people of Sri Lanka?”

I prayed about it, and God led me to do this ministry by faith. I promised GOD that I would give back to the Church in Sri Lanka and my people all that HE has bestowed on me without accepting any remuneration.

Since then, in close liaison with the DMC - Diocesan Missionary Council - I have conducted Leadership, Discipleship, and Evangelism conferences. Healing missions and preaching missions in various churches. Conducted a five-day silent clergy retreat for both The Diocese, Colombo, and Kurunegala. It was an honor and joy to have conducted a five-day retreat for twelve deacons who were ordained Priests.

God opens the door, and I walk through wherever HE leads me. At the invitation of the clergy and with the blessing of the Bishop I still minister at various congregations. I have a heart and a passion for the ministry of evangelism, pastoral care, and Bible teaching. I love Jesus! Thank you for supporting me to honor God’s calling in my life!

April 2023

Ewena and I returned to Sri Lanka this past April with $5,000 donated from COTHA's mission fund. Here's our story.

We donated $2000 to the board of Christian Education, Diocese of Colombo. This went towards helping about 1,573 kids for Sunday School ministry in the Diocese. There was a special appeal for funds as I was praying for God’s guidance in this distribution. 🙏

$1,000 was donated to the group called ‘sumithuros’ This is a group of mothers who came together to support each other after the tsunami. Earlier, this group took turns for eight years to cook food for 270 school kids - St. Cuthbert supported this ministry during my time there - who were tsunami survivors and struggling even to attend school.

St. Philip’s Kurana is another poor congregation struggling to make ends meet. We donated $1,000 so that they would create a fund to help people in need, especially with food and medicine.

$1,000 was donated to Christ Church, Hambantota, mainly for food and medicine. This is one of the poorest parishes in the Diocese of Colombo and a very vibrant worshipping congregation faithful to the Lord. Every time I visit them, I come back energized, uplifted, and blessed. It was very humbling to spend time with them and to learn from them.

$2,500 was donated towards the expenses of a counseling ministry that has been going on for about 12 years. There are clergy of different denominations, laity of professional standing who come here for marriage, domestic and church related situations. Elmo has been a great instrument in the hands of God ministering God’s grace and healing free of charge. I felt the need to support this ministry at a crucial time in the country.

$500 was donated to the convent where Sr. Victorine is running a sewing center, helping deaf and dumb people, and also employing poor girls. They make their living by making clergy vestments and clerical clothing. There was a dire need to buy a sewing machine and I felt the need to help them.

Thank you Church of the Holy Apostles for your continued support in this mission field!

The Rev Desmond Goonesekera


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