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Journeys of Paul in Greece

Journeys of Paul in Greece with Alex Large
Sep 20-Sep 27, 2025

Visiting the places where the Apostle Paul traveled, preached, and established early Christian communities can be a deeply moving and spiritually enriching experience. It allows believers to connect with the roots of their faith in a tangible way.

AND traveling with a group from COTHA provides a chance to share the experience with fellow believers! Our parishioners who went to the Holy Land in 2022 all described the group dynamic as one of their favorite takeaways from the trip.  People still talk about the building of our community and deepening friendships as a special bond that will be with them for a long time.  


Learn more about the trip here or pick up a brochure from the foyer.

Contact Alex for other questions.
Ready to register?  Discounts are available for early birds!

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