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2022 Student City Mission - Day 1

Student City Mission Trip - Day 1

Today we kicked off our Student City Mission Trip where we will serve, worship, and evangelize in the Katy and Houston areas at several organizations geared toward fighting hunger in Houston.

But first...a little work at the church in the sanctuary dusting and oiling the pews.

And then we gathered to eat lunches similar to those we made for our LOTS Lunches program and talked about the homeless ministry in Downtown Houston.

And finally off to Katy Christian Ministries (KCM). KCMs mission is “Transforming lives through God’s grace and the generosity of the community.”

Located directly in the Katy area, they have been helping local families and individuals fight poverty, food insecurity, domestic violence and sexual assault since 1984.

Our task today was assisting in the retail shop where we split into teams to dust, vacuum, sort books and clothing, and price items for the selling floor. All profits from the retail store are used to fund KCM programs.

And finally, encouraging our students to try foods from other nations, we headed to Katy's Asian town to cool off and eat dessert!

See y'all tomorrow!



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